Phil and Peter - -  Personal Pics        





Phil, Alaska  age 64

Phil, Backyard  age 65

Peter, Age 59, my significant "other"

Peter, Age 59






Phil Backyard  age 65

Phillip Age 65

Peter, South Beach, Age 59

Peter, Age 59




Phillip and Younger Son, David. Damn, that old guy has a high forehead...what the hell happened to his hair!

Phil, Age 65

Phil and Peter at Universal Studios, 2005

Peter's older son, 'Uncle' Richard with Justin, Peter's younger Grandson
  Phil's Older son, Jeff on Lake Okeechobee, Florida...he loves his bass fishing!

 Mark...a sweet and kind man who left us far too soon...Mark, I will always miss you.  Mark  1948 - 2007

Parker, Peter John, Justine (Peter's younger son and grandsons,  Peter, and Richard (Peter's older son)  The "Family Shot"  

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