Yellowstone National Park

This was a trip of a lifetime...all that you have heard about Yellowstone is true, and more...such an amazing place. The huge Yellowstone Lake is a caldera of a volcano. The crust is but a few inches thick in many places, pools of hot water (180-190 degrees) are all about the park, with geysers numbering in the hundreds...not just those we have heard about, but everywhere.  Old Faithful is perhaps the most famous, as it goes off on a regular basis. Slight shifts in the mantle in the area with minor Earthquakes change the frequency of eruption. Today, the geyser goes of about every ninety minutes.  The entire park sits high in the Rockies in a chain of mountains, the Big Horns. Bison, Elk, Bear, and so many wild animals roam the park.

Big Horn Mountains at Yellowstone Approach

Big Horn Mountains

Bison range all over Yellowstone



Castle Geyser near the Grand Lodge of Yellowstone

Cone Geyser at Mammoth Geysers

Mark in front of Dragon's Mouth Geyser

Geyser and Hot Pools

Geyser Pools at Edge of Yellowstone Lake

Geyser Wall at Snake River, North Yellowstone



Geysers across arm of Lake Yellowstone

Massive Lake Yellowstone, a Caldera

Lower Falls at Yellowstone

Phil at Old Faithful

Phil at Dragon's Mouth Geyser

Pines clinging to cliff edge above a 1000 ft drop

Snake River with Geyser Walls

Snake River Canyons

Sulfur Geysers, North Yellowstone

Tower Falls (uppermost Falls)

Middle Falls

Magnificant Grand Teton Mountains

Left:  The Grand Tetons looking down the Snake River towards     Jackson Hole, WY.


Right: Grand Tetons from the Western side.

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